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As a little girl, Elodie looked forward with excitement to her ballet class. She longed for the moment when her mother would take her to get a chocolate éclair, and for Elodie it never lasted long enough.


Elodie’s strong love for eclairs came from her French roots. Her grandfather was a Pastry Chef.


Like a fairy tale, Elodie found her perfect match when she met Dan. His passion and knowledge for eclairs are also part of his roots.


As a gourmet and epicurean, Dan combines science and art in all of his creations. The mission of Elodie & Dan is to reinvent traditional choux pastry recipes while introducing contemporary flavors.


Elodie & Dan truly redefine the Classic French Pastry. They use traditional recipes and add a new twist with unexpected ingredients and delicious flavors.


Don’t be surprised if you encounter exotic flavors like passion fruit or savory treats with lavender. Consciously healthy, all their Eclairs are Gluten Free.


La Chouquettes Puff Pastries are a delicate balance of technique, aesthetic and taste. Every flavor is a celebration of expression and passion of the choux pastry.


Because every choux pastry has its own story to tell, you must try them all.


Bon appétit !

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